Alarm Cron

Alarm Cron

Run alarms, timers and stopwatches with countdowns and custom commands from the tray.

Alarm Cron

macOS · Windows · Linux


Minimal requirements

Windows 7 KB2533623

Command examples

MacOS: open -a Terminal ~/Desktop

Windows: start cmd



200$ alarm background color picker

200$ sound test play

200$ append path to command field (file path input)

400$ mass alarm select (range, pick) & processing

400$ alarm position drag'n'drop

400$ active alarms on top, fading animation of recently active alarms with duration and color

400$ add specific language

500$ add top 5 languages

500$ keyboard shortcuts (menu, alarm handlers, list, edit, settings navigation)

600$ default alarm: more than one, names, add selected default alarms from tray

600$ custom dates alarm repeat datepicker

600$ chained looped/non-looped timer each with its own settings (example: 20m -> 5m -> 10m)

400$ stopwatch activation (sound/command) after specified time

600$ halt (stopwatch that can't be paused and remains enabled when system is turned off). Can be set from custom date/time, activated after specified time

600$ predefined commands constructor for particular operational system (windows, macos, ubuntu)

800$ predefined commands for windows, macos, ubuntu (image, audio, video, web)


GitHub license


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