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A Markdown-based task manager for hackers and people who build stuff.

Akiee the task managen for hackers, wookie icon

# Welcome to Akiee

Akiee is a task manager that allows you to organize your task in a new way. It is build with Node-Webkit, Clojurescript and React. It is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Akiee Task Manager

What makes Akiee different from other task managers?

  • Tasks should be easy to organize. Akiee lets you easily arange the order of your tasks. Unlike other task managers, that only let you change priorities and due dates of your tasks. With Akiee you always know which task you should finish next.

  • Akiee saves your tasks in a Markdown file! You can access your tasks with every text editor available, it is easy to add notes in the Markdown file the way you like. Akiee doesn't hide your todo list in a database. If you link your tasks to your Dropbox you can even access it over the web.

  • Akiee's tasks have 3 states: Todo, Doing, Done! Inspired from agile methods like Kanban and Scrum, Akiee's tasks have three states. This way you can focus on the tasks you are currently working on. Other tasks get out of your way.

Akiee is at 0.0.1, it's the first beta release. I have been using it for some time now and it is working stable on Arch 64 bit. So take it for a test drive, if you feel task management is broken for you.

Akiee is heavily inspired by the great Org-Mode and my work as a product owner in a software company.


Akiee Introduction

How to install and use Akiee

Download your binarys:

Unpack the content and click on the Akiee file.


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Keyboard Shortcuts

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