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📡 Scan the internet for your personal information and modify or remove it.


📡 Scan the internet for your personal information and modify or remove it

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What is Aeon?

📡  Ever wondered what personal information is scattered around the internet? Aeon scans popuplar platforms for your personal information and (almost) automatically retrieves it.

👀  Use Aeon to download, archive and visualise your personal information.

  Don't agree with the data Facebook (or another platform) knows about you? Generate a request for modification or deletion with the click of a button!

Installing Aeon

Aeon is available for Windows, macOS, apt and yum! Download the application here and follow the instructions on the download page.

Download Aeon

Not sure how to start using Aeon? Follow the Getting Started guide for detailed instructions.

How does it work?

All companies worldwide are required to offer you access to all data they retain about you. But most of the time, this process is hard, convoluted, slow or all three at once! Aeon has rules for each platform that make requesting your personal information just a couple of clicks!

The resulting data is downloaded on your local computer for safekeeping. Often, data is formatted in machine-readable formats such as JSON and CSV. To make it easier to digest your personal information, Aeon visualises it for you.

Companies are not only required to grant access, they must respect your wishes too. This means you can require them to delete or modify the personal information they have. Aeon contains a generator for data subject rights emails, that help you take control of your personal data.

Supported Platforms

Aeon currently has native support for the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Spotify
  • ...more coming soon

Want to see a particular platform added? Create a GitHub issue with the name of the particular provider.

Want to help out with adding new platforms? Providers are easily defined with a Provider config. Check out the documentation on Providers to find out how they work. You can always create a Pull Request


Aeon is being developed out in the open. Have an idea for a feature or a suggestion for a new provider? Create a GitHub issue and tag me (@leinelissen) if you need any help.


Read the documentation

Using Aeon

You can find the latest build of Aeon over at the releases page. There's builds for Windows, macOS and Linux.

If you're feeling more adventurous, clone the repository and compile your own nightly build. The only dependency is NodeJS. Prepare the codebase and start a development build by running the following commands:

npm install
npm start

The Technical Stuff

Aeon is an Electron-based app, a mature platform for building JavaScript applications on the desktop. It is backed by a locally encrypted Git repository, made available through use of the excellent nodegit package.

A custom and modular back-end allows for tracking and retrieving data from multiple sources. This is done through retrieval from an API, asynchronous data requests or a combination of both. Parser logic then allows for extracting common data types from the resulting JSON or CSV.


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