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Advanced REST Client

Advanced REST Client

REST client application for developers

Installation process for the Advanced REST Client application.

Installing Advanced REST Client

Installing Advanced REST Client

In most cases you can download the app from

Find an installer for your platform under "Assets" section.

Assets section for a release

For example, for Windows you would download arc-setup.exe. For MacOS download arc-13.0.7.dmg.

{% hint style="info" %} Version number may be different to the one in the screen shoot. For normal use, please, download latest stable version. {% endhint %}

When downloaded, run the file. The installer will walk you through the installation process.

Linux installation

ARC's build process generates several builds for Linux. Find your platform and then architecture. Wrong architecture (x86 instead of x64) will result with error when installing or running the application.

Please note that ARC won't update automatically on Linux platform as this is not yet supported by the build library. This may be possible in the future.

ARC uses for testing

Making a HTTP request Making a HTTP request
Authorizing with OAuth2 endpoint Authorizing with OAuth2 endpoint
Session management via cookies Session management via cookies
Local and system variables Local and system variables
Automation with request actions Automation with request actions
Google Drive integration Google Drive integration

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